Atelier Mariposa (located in Cihangir and Nişantaşı) welcomed the world of fashion in June 2007.The mainspring for the opening of Mariposa for sisters Didem Arayıcı and Banu Öneş is the traces of their past lives. This small establishment, where the heart of the sisters is beating, addresses to every age group, and everyone can find something personal, ranging from decoration products to exclusive pieces (models) which reflect a special taste. The influence of their travels abroad, the rare and special pieces brought from the furthest countries are one the prominent reasons for keeping the fabulous atmosphere of the business afloat.

The most important source of inspiration of the fashion designer Banu Öneş is the cinema. The fact that Banu and Didem’s father was running a cinema business caused them to make acquaintance with the movie theater. This sentimental relationship that they have set up with theater, the advantages of being sisters, and their differing point of view is one of the crucial factors which shape the genre of the shop.
Öneş shows a special interest to her customers, and designs special pieces according to the taste of everyone. Everyday a new garment is created in the manufactory. She is producing seasonal clothes, by using together lace, satin, silk, cotton, and wool where you can find in no other shop. She doesn’t limit her creations. She is styling eloquent costumes worked with naïf details which provoke a childish happiness the moment that they are worn. By this way, the business promotes quickly on the way to stand against the fashion dilemma of fabrication.

In Mariposa, apart Banu Öneş’s creations, those which are imported from various countries are appreciated as well. If you want to discover the collection of young English designers you should visit Mariposa absolutely. Besides clothes, there are also a lot of objects, accessories, home furniture in this shop. An exclusive place where you can find lace, gloves, porcelain, cushions remained from your mother. Didem Arayıcı who is graduated from the history of art, is responsible both from the administration of the shop as well from the selection of the home decoration products. She runs after a cup with roses, a vintage luster for many days and searches and finds them one by one. Atelier Mariposa is a place where every generation can find creations and objects according to one’s own taste. It is the favorite of people who want to reflect their own personality with their wearing style and their choices for home decoration. The designs are both contemporary, unique and also have an authentic appearance. The nostalgic and romantic concept of Atelier Mariposa initiates us to adopt it immediately as soon as we step inside.